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"Ta petite copine manque de confiance en toi...Mais heureusement que ton meilleur pote à pensé à tout! Avec ce casque, elle va avoir confiance en elle, crois moi ! (Oh et je me suis permis de la rendre un peu plus...intéréssante si tu vois ce que je veux dire ;) )"


   - Regarde les pieds de ta petite amie ;

   - Profite de 10 dominantes ;

   - English translation ;)  

Version actuelle: 1.2

Classé: 16+. Contient des fétiches de pieds, de la domination.

Futurs ajouts :

- De nouvelles actions : L'hypnose pour le POV et le "booty"Ass in progress_1

- Un changement de pièces possibles avec de nouvelles interactions

- De nouveaux vêtements en fonction de chaque dominante

- Des niveaux de "dureté" (doux/moyen/hard)

- Améliorations des pieds (avec/sans chaussettes, transpiration, fumée)

- 2 modes : Un soumis et un dominé (donc 10 soumises)


Hypnosis-Crisis-1.2-pc.zip 68 MB
Hypnosis-Crisis-1.2-linux.tar.bz2 57 MB
Hypnosis-Crisis-1.2-mac.zip 53 MB

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I personally love the idea for this game, but I have a request. Please add some submissive personalities to the girlfriend for dominant types like myself. 5/5 stars otherwise.

I understand the reasoning behind that idea ; I like it too ! But I'm wondering if it'd be better to include these functions in this one game or just make a similar one with submissive options. After all, this game was deliberately made for submissives. If we don't separate them this way, we could possibly add a choice at the beginning, or a switch. I'll try to work it into the next update (along with a bunch of other things, which means it's probably going to be taking a while). Anyway, thanks for your compliments !

i hope you finish the translation soon

Hi, I'm the English translator, the work is underway ! We hope to finish it soon, releasing a second version with bilingual capability and slightly improved text.

cool, can't wait

hey i played the english translation, i like it i just wish there where something more to it then just, well staring at her feet and a brief dialog option but good job